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Ekonomi Swasta Indonesia

"Caring, Honest, Striving for the best, Cooperation and Disciplined Professionalism"

Facilitating end-to-end private company business transactions

The Indonesian Private Economy (Ekonomi Swasta Indonesia) is a private institution engaged in the economic field with the aim of developing business units and community services, to manage and increase the value of resources and potentials that exist within the scope of society in a professional, reliable and responsible manner.

We care about and help people to achieve the broadest possible prosperity.

  • Providing solutions and facilities to improve Indonesia's private economy.
  • Aims to develop business units and services towards an independent society.
  • With our concern for human resources to achieve the highest and independent human dignity.
  • Take the initiative and always anticipate needs and challenges to face global challenges and digitalization
  • We always provide the best and continue to develop to build strong human resources.


We provide business opportunities with different concepts and methods. Built to participate actively in economic development privately. Our business activities are built on the principle of maximizing the economic potential of the surrounding community, integrated with one another as part of the global economic ecosystem and upholding the laws of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).


Creating job opportunities with different concepts for all partners serving all segments by offering unique values for each segment based on service excellence and supported by technology.


With digitization as a set of Digital Solutions that we have built, we hope to harmonize the entire community in an integrated network within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia through the revival and economic empowerment of the surrounding community.

Simple and Easy

Provide opportunities for partners to apply and create business opportunities for partners in a professional and responsible manner.

Work and Succeed

With the spirit of togetherness and complementarity, we are building a digital ecosystem, as part of accelerating ecosystem growth while providing fast and growing economic solutions.

Why us?

The positive image of our services, will be your consideration in deciding to partner and work together. We want to open a lot of business activities throughout Indonesia, for our special purpose for the middle to lower class.

Our goal is so that people in this group can work, as well as for the distribution and development of economic areas throughout Indonesia with the aim of developing business units and community services, to manage and increase the value of existing resources and potential, both within the community and from other stakeholders, in a professional, reliable and responsible manner.

Through this program, we hope that it can be a solution and participate in helping the government and society.

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